Welcome to “the little Kyoto” in Kumamoto!

Welcome  to JAPAN !   

欢迎来到日本 !  

일본에 오신 것을 환영합니다  !


Hi ! There. 

My name is Daisaku Nakamura, a chief-tutor of clam school in Hitoyoshi city.

I love “Hitoyoshi-Kuma” very much!  So, let me introduce this area in brief.


Hitoyoshi-Kuma, located in Kumamoto Pref, is an area of abundant beauty, once praised by very famous author Ryotaro Shiba as “Japan’s greatest hidden village.”

This area has not only 41 material and immaterial cultural assets registered by Japan Heritage, but also the splendid architecture, elegant townscape, skin-beautifying hot springs, and exquisite cuisine distinctive of the area.

It is nice place to live, the residents are very friendly, the blooming flowers and events(historical festivals and fireworks etc)  in each season, and more. Take a walk through eternal time in the Japan Heritage Hitoyoshi-Kuma .

I will introduce this “AMAZING local area” to you through this blog. 


*Japan Heritage is a system established by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2015 to recognize stories told of Japanese culture and tradition, through the historical charm and unique features of local regions.

I’m looking forward to seeing YOU someday, somewhere in this area! 




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