The Doll festival in TARAGI

Welcome to “Iyashi” “Nagomi” secret spot and sightseeing in countryside of Japan !


Hi !

How are you feeling ?

Today, I will introduce “The Doll festival in Taragi” to you.

Around this time of every year, we have  this traditional festival which is prepared by residents.


This is the exhibition place made of stone.  We call it “ISIGURA-stone house”

This stone house was used to be as a storeroom of rice.

Let’ go inside !

Wow !


What a beautiful decorations are they !!!


That’s a breath taking…

They are traditional small Japanese balls & cushions  from the ceiling.

Of course all of them are “hand-made”


Most families with girls display dolls for the Doll’s Festival called Hina-ningyo.

The dolls depict the imperial court.

These “seven stairs style” are more popular ,but too expensive !


How cute !

These paper crafts “Hina-ningyo” are from nursery schools in this town.

And next to them


The residents are selling many “hand-made” crafts.

I hope you like them…and

Why don’t you buy some souvenirs as a memorial trip in countryside of Japan ?


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