What’s this ! ?

Welcome to “Iyashi” “Nagomi” secret spot and sightseeing in countryside of Japan !


Continued from previous,

There are shrines near the “OPPAI-shrine” .


One of them has some FUNNY objects !



Let’s go more closely with passing through scarlet “tari-i” !



What’s this ?

This is …


I don’t know how to explain.

Men’s symbol or something…


This Gad is for men, of marriage and matrimonial happiness !

The Gad prevents residents from any disaster and is worshiped as the God of “Dou”

“Dou” means “the way of Japanese traditional ” such as “Sa-Dou” “Bushi-Dou”

“Dou” means road, too. So derived from that, the God is also a God of safety trip !


Why don’t you come here and pray for your…



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