Let’s take a walk in deep KUMA area !~1~

Welcome to “Iyashi” “Nagomi” secret spot and sightseeing in countryside of Japan !


Rainy day and little cold…

Today, I will introduce walking in deep KUMA area to you !


We have a lot of  irrigation channels in this area.

Especially, the most famous channels are “Hyakutarou-mizo” and “Kouno-mizo”

It is said that “Hyakutarou” was a young male who was a scapegoat of  the construction of this irrigation channel.

This was the reason why the God appeared  and told the reader of this area that if you buried living”Hyakutatou” as a scapegoat, water floods will calm down.

Very very difficult construction, it began in Kamakura period and has continued till middle of Edo period.


A Hole !?


Let’s explore !

Very narrow pathway…Everybody watch your head !


This tunnel was dug little by little by many residents around this area at that time.

To supply some water from the Kuma river to fields (not fertile place)

That’s amazing !!!



Gradually, I’m little tired and scared…

I hate narrow, dark spot like this !

I wanted to escape from here as soon as possible.



Finally, the exit comes in sight.

What a relief !


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