Let’s take a walk in deep KUMA area !~2~

Welcome to “Iyashi” “Nagomi” secret spot and sightseeing in countryside of Japan !


Let’s move to “Hyakutarou-gate” by bus !


That object in the distance is the present “Hyakutarou-gate”, which  is used as a sluice gate.

Let’s move to the gate on FOOT this time !




Here we are !

This is the old style “Hyakutarou-dam gate”

How big it is !

Total length of 9.5m, and 5.8m in height.     The weight ?   I don’t know…

This gate was built in Edo period, 330 years ago.


Around the gate, there is the “Mito-shrine”, which worships Hyakutarou as a God.

The festivals which celebrates his donation will be hold twice a year.



A poetry for the KUMA river.




Now, let’s move to “Jigan-ji” temple !




Passing through under these beautiful blossoms “Mokuren”

I like them very much !  They bring this area the fragrance of spring.




To Keep walking, walking…



Here !


This is the “Jigan-ji” temple, which is very old and traditional.


In the yard


Hyakutarou’s monument is there !

”May your soul rest in peace…”


However, how long distance did we walk today?


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