The temple of Japan Heritage in TARAGI

Welcome to “Iyashi” “Nagomi” secret spot and sightseeing in countryside of Japan !


Today, I am very honored to be here and introduce this historical structure to you !


This is “Shoren-ji”temple, one of Japan heritages in this area.


How beautiful shape is !

Dignified and splendid…    Pleasant and silent


This temple was built as a Sagara family’s temple in 1295, it was 720 years ago.

Sagara family was the lord of Kuma-Hitoyoshi area and controlled it until recent time.





The height of the eaves is about 4.5m and the height from the eaves to the top of the roof  is about 7.58m, No.1 scale in Kumamoto prefecture !

It is said that a very skillful person from Hida(present Nagano pref) built it.

He was an artist, wasn’t he ?


In the house, there are three Buddist statues.

They are very important statues as same as national treasure ones, so

you must not take pictures there !


If you have a chance, please come and WATCH your own eyes.

We are looking forward to seeing you then !




The side view of the temple and Japanese style garden.




A entrance of the precincts.

Many Jizo statues with smiling are welcoming you !




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