The oldest architecture made of wood !

Welcome to “Iyashi” “Nagomi” secret spot and sightseeing in countryside of Japan !


The time has come !

This temple looks like “Shouren-ji” temple, right ?

But this is older than that “Shouren-ji”, in other words “the oldest temple” in Kumamoto prefecture !


The name is ” Josen-ji(Josin-ji).

It is in Yunomae.


An elegant atmosphere on this temple which was made  in 1229 (Kamakura period) as a temple of Kume family.

Kume ruled around this area at that time.


In the temple, wooden Amida Trinity figure are enshrined.



Very pleasant and warm in spring time…

I wish this moment would go on forever.



Very beautiful garden, where are many gravestones.

Especially seven-storied and nine-storied stone pagodas are designated as important cultural assets.



The thirteen-storied pagoda is about 8.5m high.

This is worth seeing !




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