We call it ” Neko-dera “(cat temple)!?

Welcome to “Iyashi” “Nagomi” secret spot and sightseeing in countryside of Japan !


Hi ! It’ been a long time ?

Warm and very pleasant today, I am in a place where is very close to Mt. Ichifusa.

I told you before, Mt.Ichifusa is the ” Holy mountain ” in this area !


Let’s move to today’s destination.


This is ” Shozen-in ” temple in Mizukai village.

Most people call it ” Neko-dera “


That is because…



TWO statues of cat welcome us !  (Neko means a cat)

As you may know, most shrines have ” Komainu ” (the guard dogs) in front of or

by the entrance gate.


But… cats ? why ??


This pavilion was built for the cat.

Its name is ” Tamatare ” , whose owner’s son was killed because of planning to raise

a rebellion against the Sagara Clan.


But he was a innocent…




So the mother confined herself in Ichifusa Shrine for prayer together with her loving

cat ” Tamatare “.

There, she bit her finger off and pasted the blood on the God and ordered ” Tamatare ”

to lick it and become a vindictive spirit to bring a curse upon the Sagara Clan.

Thereafter, she jumped down from a place called Momagasaki and killed herself…


That’s profound grief story.


At the clan, in order to calm down the spirit , people constructed a temple .




This is a statue of ” Tamatare ”

A pleasing countenance !


”May your soul rest in peace…”



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