I’ve got a license card !

Welcome to “Iyashi” “Nagomi” secret spot and sightseeing in countryside of Japan !


Hi !

As you may know, here this KUMA county is very famous for SHOCHU

(a kind of Japanese spirit) in Japan !

This Japanese spirit is 500 years old now.


The other day, I joined a seminar about KUMA Shochu and studied its

history, culture and how to make it in detail.

About sixty people were there and young generation were half of them.

It made me surprised and realized that it is getting  more popular to study

about Shochu among the young generations !




During the seminar, we were trying to taste it, smell its flavor and check each its colors etc.

It was because that end of this seminar we’re going to have to take a little difficult exam about KUMA Shochu.

You will pass it if you get 80-90% correct answers.

It took only ten minutes to finish.  I had a confidence very much !



Ten days later…

An envelop has arrived.

I cut it off and checked inside.


” Yes ! I got it ! “


Here is the license card and the testimonial .



Finally, I’ve become a ” Guide of KUMA Shochu ”

Now is the time to spread  out our works, which is the pride of the local residents

to the world !


At first, I will make a film of Shochu or something and up-load it to the You-Tube!!!



” Trust me !  When it comes to KUMA Shochu. “


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