Let your dreams come true !

Welcome to “Iyashi” “Nagomi” secret spot and sightseeing in countryside of Japan !


It’s been a long time !

How have you been ?


Today, I’m gonna introduce a “Very traditional” structure to you.

The name is Toshima Sugawara shrine in Sagara.



This shrine is dedicated to the deity of learning, Sugawara Michizane.

He is respected as a god of studies and learning (sometimes making your dreams come true)

Toshima means “ten islands” and refers to the ten islands found in the ponds on the shrine grounds.


So many people(from young to adult) come here to pray !



These are called “Ema” ,which prayers write their wishes down them and display like this.


Some people will pray to pass the entrance exam.

Some people will pray to get a work  and make a big money !


We call their activity “KAMIDANOMI” 🙂





Let’s pray !

First, throw a coin (100yen or 500yen) into that box (a mark on it).

Will you make it ?


Make a polite bow twice.

Then, clap your hands twice.

At the end, make a polite bow again.


Perfect !



Now is the time to leave.

By the way, a statue of cow ?  Why not ?


The answer is…

Please investigate the reason own yourself in this place.

A very holy atmosphere and you will like it.



I love this “Power spot” in the little KYOTO=KUMA county.

Beautiful scenery, especially this angle of view!


It will invite you to an ” ancient world ”



Did you have a good time ?




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